Big Mouthed Dog Studio
Based in Prague, Czech Republic

Release date:
4th May, 2016

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Simple rules, tricky logical challenges and a graphite pencil as the main graphical tool are the major characteristics of Bouncing Odyssey. Set your position and direction and, with a use of the Law of Reflection, you must escape the screen and decolorize all the colored objects on the screen. Sometimes the use of black holes comes in handy. Another time controlling the gravity is what you need to solve a level. After becoming a master you can challenge the great finale and proceed to the end of your journey.


The game history is so unimaginable that you risk a HEART ATTACK if you continue reading.. Oh no… The truth is that I was always curious how a game with graphite pencil-made design (2B pencil, paper 90 g/m2 ;)) may look like. So I spent few evenings with drawing. Then I used these drawings for my learning project in the Godot engine (very promising open-source game engine). At the beginning I made a few levels and showed them to my friends. To my surprise they liked it a lot and encourage me to make more levels. Finally after several months of hard work the Bouncing Odyssey is here!


  • Simple rules, tricky challenges!
  • 75 various levels + one special final level.
  • Beautiful and unusual style of graphics in every level (made on paper with pencil!).
  • Four worlds with five different game mechanics. 1. Basic mechanics – the law of reflection. 2. Black holes – they influence your trajectory and can absorb you. 3. Gravity – set your own direction of the gravity. 4. Moving platforms – some platforms change their position over time. 5. Final level mechanics becomes available after finishing all the previous levels.
  • Version for mobiles with no ADs, no IAP, no crippled gameplay.


Official Trailer YouTube

Steam - Official Trailer YouTube


download all screenshots & photos as .zip (19MB)

download logo files as .zip (1MB)

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About Big Mouthed Dog Studio

Big Mouthed Dog Studio is essentially just a guy called Lukas. When he decided to start making games he worked as mathematician, but developing games is simply much more fun than writing scientific articles. Now Lukas works on developing games for iOS, Android and desktop platforms, that hopes, bring the people an experience they are not used to from any other mobile games. In other words, he is developing truly unique games (as thousands of other developers ;) ).

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Bouncing Odyssey Credits

Lukáš Kotík
Sole developer

Václav Pokorný
Consultant, tester

Tomáš Böhm

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